Wild Flowers by the Rock
Series of works are the long-term auto-ethnographic documentary, which aims to analyse mundane rituals in the Chinese landscape that every person could identify with. In my works, I search and try to kind represent states of solitude and togetherness of contemporary urban inhabitants. I imagine myself as a part of that world and try to picture what I would do if I truly lived there, and this, in effect, is the grounds for my photographic quest. All in all, my work is a search for the said self-portrait, which, surely, is a rather abstract statement. I am captivated by the suburb where, I believe, we can observe something of the true human nature and trace the patterns of people’s everyday existence in the modern urbanised environment. The outskirts of a big city are at the same time infused with a warm sense of home and shadowed by hopeless solitude and fatality.
2013 - 2018 / All works are pigment ink prints on rag paper.
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