Daugavpils, the second largest city in Latvia, is located near the border with Belarus, Russia and Lithuania. Since 1209, Germany, Poland, Russia and Latvia have ruled Daugavpils. Constant socio-political changes have instigated migration of various nationalities. Today, Daugavpils resides in one of the poorest EU regions in Latgale, which to this day grapples with heightened risks of social exclusion. 
My objective was to construct a visual syntax in my photographs rooted in the ideas of social landscape, humanistic photography, and poetic photography, unveiling the ambiguous states of the era I deliberately employed the poetic aspects of colour and light to narrate the political and collective history, memory and traumas.
My photographs is autoethnographic story about Daugavpils, and my experiences of walking and observing, the most important and most insignificant in the landscape, the things that cannot be explained, the stories revealed by strangers, the stories that I remember and forget, the nostalgic feeling evoked by remnants of the Soviet epoch in the cityscape. Works created 1998 -2006.
*The title of the series LSD is an abbreviation of – Living Space Daugavpils. 
1998 - 2006 / All works are archival pigment ink prints on rag paper 50cm x 50cm (ed 12) & 100cm x 100cm (ed 5)
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