Dear friends Albumen Gallery is launching 2024 with my works. See you at Photo London in May.

Recurring themes in Alnis Stakle’s work are visual representation of collective and private trauma, loss, memories and the materiality of the medium of photography. Straddling the genres of landscape, documentary and conceptual photography he explores how socio-political ideas can be examined through both fact and fiction as well as the interplay of collective and subjective experience. Watch out for more by Alnis Stakle Gallery and make a note to see his work at the Albumen Gallery booth at Photo London in May.

(Un)told – what lies at the basis of photography and memory
Memory is the ability to register and recall sensory impressions, associations and information. It is one of the functions of the human mind, the cognitive ability to store and reproduce information about experiences. Man has the ability to remember not only sensory impressions and symbols, but also to store the image of his own consciousness. Human memory can be autobiographical, declarative, long-term, episodic, short-term, unconscious, procedural, sensory, working, semantic, conscious, iconographic or ultra-short. Philippe Lejeune compares memory to a proofreading draft of his own life. Unfortunately, this memory is impermanent. What is the relationship between photography (capturing moments and preserving certain facts on film) and human consciousness? Does memory only refer to the past, to thinking about the time that has passed and will never return? So when does the past end and the present begin? Are there any measurable moments that allow you to isolate these time categories? The theme makes you think about what is at the root of photography and memory. International conference and exhibition of lecturers from various photographic centers (Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, University of the Arts in Poznan, Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw,  Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Katowice Film School, Lodz Film School, Film and Television Department of the FAMU Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Lviv National Academy  of Arts, National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture in Kiev, Riga Stradiņš University, Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts) will encourage interest in the photographic medium, its diverse areas, different approaches to photography, diverse thinking about the medium and the exchange of experiences. The project is co-financed by the state, granted by the Minister of Education and Science under the Excellent Science II Program
artists: Neil Andrew (GB), Agnieszka Babińska (PL), Beata Cedrzyńska (PL), Magdalena Czajka Cardoso (PL), Andrzej Dudek-Dürer (PL), Mariusz Filipowicz (PL), Nigel Grierson (GB), Karol Grygoruk (PL), Grzegorz Jarmocewicz (PL), Sebastian Klochowicz (PL), Jarosław Klupś (PL), Weronika Kobylińska (PL), Marzena Kolarz (PL), Lucyna Kolendo (PL), Antoine Martin (CHE), Rafał Milach (PL), Jowita Mormul (PL), Janusz Musiał (PL), Valentyn Odnoviun (UKR/LT/PL), Patrycja Orzechowska (PL), Josée Pedneault (CA), Agnieszka Piasecka (PL), Viacheslav Poliakov (UKR), Małgorzata Popinigis (PL), Agnieszka Rayss (PL), Dominika Sadowska (PL), Agnieszka Sejud (PL), Hanna Shumska (UKR), Alnis Stakle (LV), Agata Szuba (PL), Roksolana Tabaka (UKR), Dorota Walentynowicz (PL), Witold Węgrzyn (PL), Piotr Wołyński (PL), a.w. (projekt zrealizowano przy pomocy finansowej Województwa Pomorskiego), Adrian Wykrota (PL), Wojciech Zamiara (PL)
December 15, 2023. (Un)told exhibition Aula Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańs, Poland
opening December 15, 2023, at 6.00 p.m., 
exhibition open December 15-29, 2023, 11-16 
curator: Agnieszka Babińska curatorial support: Ania Włodarska
Mellow Apocalypse, Klaipeda Cultural Communication Center, Klaipeda, Lithuania 11.2023. - 12.2023.
Order OVER Journal Issue 3 and enjoy a 25% discount. The journal will launch at the Centre Culturel Irlandais, during Paris Photo, on the 10th November, with a talk by guest contributors. A project by PhotoIreland, OVER Journal launched its first issue in July 2020, and it has enjoyed a growing interest reaching rapidly all corners of the global market, from Zurich to Los Angeles. The publication, billed as 'The Critical Journal of Photography and Visual Culture for the 21st century' is produced with the generous support of the Arts Council of Ireland. OVER journal critically focuses on aspects often overlooked that affect the discipline, zooming out to observe the whole scene, to analyse what exactly is happening, what power relationships are at play. It is about preventing the repetition of obsolete and flawed structures, as much as highlighting the work of those who constructively are expanding what we still call Photography into new horizons. More than a portfolio magazine, it is a space for reflection on new practices, new ways of thinking. Distributed globally by WhiteCirc Ltd. 
About Issue 3 
Featured Writers
Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger, Awuor Onyango, Brendan McCleary, Kateryna Radchenko, Lauren McLaughlin, Matt Johnson, Mohamad Abdouni, Rica Cerbarano, Róisín Tapponi, Sara Muthi, and more.

Featured Artists
Arab Image Foundation, Aleksandra Szajnecka, Alinka Echeverria, Alnis Stakle, Daragh Soden, Elena Subach, Emma O’Brien, Farah Al Qasimi, Gabriel Andreu, Hilla Kurki, and more. 
Co-editors Aidan Kelly Murphy, Julia Gelezova, Ángel Luis González. 
Peer Review Panel 
Daniel Boetker-Smith, Dr. Justin Carville, Alejandro Castellote, Dr. Mohini Chandra, Irina Chmyreva, Yining He, Caroline McQuarrie, Tanvi Mishra, Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh, and Niclas Östlind. 
Designed by Ángel Luis González
Published by PhotoIreland
2000 copies
256 pages 184 × 245 mm
ISBN 9781916140431
Exhibition "Mellow Apocalypse" at Latvian Museum of Photography from 11/02/2022 - 01/05/2022.
Im Artist of the Year at Donggang International Photography Festival and my works from series "Mellow Apocalypse" at DongGang Museum of Photography, South Korea 16/07/2021 - 19/09/2021. More information.
Exhibition "Neither Horse nor Tiger" at Latvian Museum of Photography from 27/08/2020 - 04/10/2020. More information.
My photo book Melancholic Road won 1st prize at FOTO WIEN photobook competition.
Curators: Sophie Haslinger, KUNST HAUS WIEN, Michael Kollmann, photo book curator, OstLicht/WestLicht
Exhibition run: 21.03. – 06.04.2019
Opening: 20.03.2019, 8 p. m.
FOTO WIEN Festival Centre Österreichische 
Postsparkasse Georg-Coch-Platz 2, 1010 Wien 
My personal exhibition Shelter at European Month of Photography 2018 in Bratislava. 
Klariska 16, Bratislava, Slovakia
Exhibition open 03/11 - 30/11
Monday - Friday
Free Entry
Opening 02/11/2018 - 17.30
Calvert 22 Foundation has named Latvian photographer Alnis Stakle as the winner of this year’s New East Photo Prize. Works from series Heavy Waters selected for New East Photo Prize 2018 an exhibition celebrating photography from Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia. The New East Photo Prize 2018 exhibition showcases selected work by the finalists nominated for the second edition of the New East Photo Prize.
The Prize champions contemporary perspectives on the people and stories of the New East — the 29 countries of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia and Central Asia — welcoming the work of professional and non-professional photographers alike. It is a Calvert 22 Foundation initiative supported by The Calvert Journal, our award-winning online magazine dedicated to exploring the culture and creativity of the region.
With a multitude of works reflecting a spectrum of approaches and topics, the New East Photo Prize 2018 is a unique glimpse into the self-identity of an underrepresented region and the lives of its people.
Calvert 22 Foundation
22 Calvert Avenue 
E2 7JP

Exhibition open to the public:
12 Oct – 2 Dec 2018
Wed – Sun, 12pm – 6pm
Free entry
* Work series Neither Horse nor Tiger published in annual Latvian Photography yearbook issue 8/2018​​​​​​​ Once a year best Latvian contemporary photography has been published in Latvian Photography yearbook. The issue feature works by Juris Zemitis, Alnis Stakle, Toms Harjo, Liga Spunde and Andrejs Lavrinovics, as well as essay by Alise Tīfentale.
* Work series Heavy Waters selected for Whitelies Magazine issue "Failure" 6/2018
* Review of book Melancholic Road  Amanda De La Garza 2017
* Interview in Bird in Flight 2017
* Book Melancholic Road Jury Special Mention the Anamorphosis Prize 2017. Shortlisted books are available at the MoMA library.
* Book Melancholic Road shortlisted for the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards. Book will be presented at Paris Photo - 09/11 - 12/11/2017.
The shortlist exhibition will tour to the following venues
* 6 pt Book Design Conference, Vilnius, Lithuania, November 25, 2017
Duesseldorf Photo Weekend, Germany, February 16-18, 2018
Month of Photography, Venice Arts, Venice, California, April 8-May 5, 2018 
Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow, April-May 2018 
Palm Springs Photo Festival, Palm Springs, California, May 6-11, 2018
Triennial of Photography, Hamburg, Germany, June 7-17, 2018
Photo Basel, Switzerland, June 12-17, 2018
Cortona on the Move, Italy, July 13-October 2, 2018
Medium Festival of Photography, San Diego, California, October 18-21, 2018
* Works from series Taxonomie of Fear featured in DODHO magazine.

* Works from series "Melancholic Road" selected for exhibition "Turbulence" - 5th Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Odessa Modern Art, Ukraine (26/08/ - 30/09/2017)
* My new series of works "Shelter" exhibited among shortlisted exhibitions for the Discoveries Award 2017 at Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles (03/07/ - 24/09/2017).

* Works from series Melancholic Road selected for Athens Photo festival main exhibition Still Searching at Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece. Exhibition open - 30/07/2017

* Interview with me about new series of works Shelter published in Veto MagazineNo.40, Riga, Latvia 

* Exhibition "Theory of R" at FotoFest Košice (01/03/2017 - 14/03/2017), Slovakia 

* Video interview at FK Magazine (Latvia).
* Book "Melancholic Road" (dummy) shortlisted for Unseen Photo Fair & Festival photobook dummy award exhibition, Les Rencontres de la Photographie Arles, dummy book award / exhibition & Fotobookfestival Kassel photobook dummy award
* Fotobook festival Kassel will be held 11th June - 3rd July 2016 at the Three Shadows Photography Arts Centre in Beijing, China. Shortlisted books at Kassels photobook festival will travel to PhotoIreland Festival (01 - 31/07/2016).
* As well its selected for Photobook Bristol exhibition (10/06/2016 - 13/06/2016). Later it travels to "Gibellina Photoroad" (29/07/2016 - 31/08/2016) and "Gazebook Sicily Photobook Festival" (9/09/2016 - 11/09/2016).
* Riga’s dark underbelly in next BJP issue - works from series Theory of R featured in British Journal of Photography (May/2016).
* For the next 3 months (until 01/05/2016) I will stay at Swatch Art Peace Hotel Artist residency.
* Works from series "Shangri-La" included in the book 'Feed a Different Imagination' edited by L'Artiere. The book contains a selection of photographic projects, each of which offers a special contribution to the relevant discussion of feeding the world. The selling of this book also offers a contribution to the success of the humanitarian campaign End Polio Now and to ensure that no child will suffer from this crippling disease ever again.
Photographers: Andrea Bosio, Fernando Brito, János Buck, Fabiao Carlitos Cheko, Daniele Cinciripini, Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman, Diego Fabro, Paolo Fusco, Sabine Grootendorst, Eugenia Maximova, Diego Mayon, Freya Najade, Klaus Pichler, David Pollock, Thieu Riemen, Richard Rocholl, Alnis Stakle, Rob Stephenson, Brian Ulrich, Marco Maria Zanin
Text: Henk Wildschut
Size of the book: 20 x 26 cm
104 pages – Four-colour printing
Hardcover package
Designed by Traccia
Published in English / Italian
Go to shop
* Work series "Melancholic Road" are selected for the next edition of Malmo Fotobiennal (11/09/2015 - 20/09/2015). The leading theme of the biennale is “Contemporary Activism”. The activism being understood as an action to perform change or being a portray of the change on itself. The focus of the main exhibitions is on contemporary artists using the photography media not only for cultural but also for social and political expression. It is about the urge to expose things as they are, about taking responsibility and engaging into the communities. The work presented in the biennale are both dealing with global issues and disclosing introspective photographic projects showing us a wide spectrum of personal engagement.
* Works from "Theory of R" selected for 7th edition of the Photo Festival of Organ Vida (03/09/2015 - 18/09/2015) in Zagreb. This year’s Organ Vida theme is "Boundaries".
* Work series "Shangri-La" was awarded First Prize at the 4th edition of Scopio International Photography Contest.
* My works from series "Aura Project" will be exhibited at Format Photography festival. FORMAT Festival, QUAD, Market Place, Cathedral Quarter, Derby DE1 3AS.Exhibition opening: 11/03/2015
* If you are in or near Cambridge (UK), I would be delighted if you would join this Thursday, February 19 for the opening reception of the exhibition Viral: Photography in the Age of Social Media – a group exhibition expanding on the notion of “viral” and its impact on everyday life and our understanding of the world. My works from series "Melancholic Road" are part of the exhibition.
CRASSH - Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities. Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DT. The exhibition features work by 17 photographers from around the world: Iman Al-Dabbagh, Loreley Romero Arambula, Haley Morris-Cafiero, Marcus DeSieno, Sima Diab, Malin Fezehai, Lori Hepner, Magdalena Hlawacz, Ed Kashi, Robin Randisi, H. Jennings Sheffield, Charlie Shoemaker, Stuart Sperling, Alnis Stakle, Gabrielle Stein, Kevin Tadge, and Jon Uriarte. Exhibition open until 24/03/2015
* Work series "Theory of R" are part of exhibition "Latvian Landscape" at Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavpils, Latvia. Exhibition open from 13/02/2015 - 13/04/2015.

* The book "Latvian Landscape" will be available in bookshops in Riga at the end of the month, but already now you can order it online. We also have a very limited number of signed copies available, grab yours here:
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