Uncertain Tranquility (work in progress 2023 - )
Smaller cultures, when located in close proximity to larger ones, are always faced with the need to demonstrate and preserve their unique traits in order to avoid disappearing under the influence of greater cultural narratives. However, border areas are not easily defined physical spaces. They are directly linked to self-awareness and self-identification of local cultures, i.e. they are also the sum of feelings on self-identity of people of various cultural backgrounds inhabiting a certain place. Border areas where multiple cultures interact and exchange their narratives are often also difficult to live in and are infused with different economic and social challenges. These areas often face economic instability, employment and poverty risks, and depopulation. The above factors create a visually entropic and seemingly invariably tranquil environment, but this entropic serenity also bears traces of the underlying clashes and turmoil inevitably present in these border areas.
The project aims to focus on exploring the border areas through the perspective of documentary photography, particularly focusing on architecture and landscape, where constellations of various visual signs expose the presence of instability and unease. 
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